Youth Activities

Youth are the future of the community. The youth club brings together our youth to engage in various activities

The youth club has been established as an engagement and enrichment platform for strengthening our youth’ Islamic identity and community belonging.

Our goal is to provide a relaxed and safe environment where youth can share their thoughts and engage in meaningful discussions as they grow through adolescence.

The club is structured with leadership by the youth and supervision by adult coordinators, which provides an opportunity for the youth to have degree of freedom and gain leadership skills while coordinators can supplement the program with mentorship and spiritual guidance.

Activities include:

  • Outdoor activities: picnic, bonfire, and snow-tubing.
  • Indoor entertainment: Sky Zone, bowling and video games.
  • Field trips: Mall of America and Valley Fair.
  • Personal and religious development programs.
  • Volunteer activities.
  • Summer camps.

The youth club meets on a biweekly basis on Sundays from 1:30 – 2:30 pm in the ISWEM facility. For information about the upcoming meetings or activities please sign up below, or feel free to reach us at for any questions.


Eastern Twin Cities Islamic Center

12585 Hudson Rd S.
Afton, MN 55001
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